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The focus is on the 'I' at IT-EP.

That's right! The focus is on the 'I' at ITEP! What am I looking for in the next important executive I will hire. The better ITEP understands me and my company's challenges, the better ITEP is able to make the very best matches for my business!

ITEP's ambition is not to become the largest executive search company in the world... Our passion is simply to become the very best....for you.  How you may ask? By getting inside your skin.  Sounds scary? Our Walk & Talk and Meet & Match approach has never killed anyone :) and resulted in better matches.  Give us 5 days and we promise to present you 5 excellent candidates within 5X30 minutes of your time!

Over the past 15 years ITEP has earned the trust of some of the finest CXO's in the IT industry.  So what ? Well, it has enabled us to leverage our network for both clients and candidat  As a matter of fact, at ITEP candidates become clients and clients are king and often become friends for life!  Please find out yourself and experience how you are able to leverage ITEP both personally and professionally!  

The perfect match

Together we will go through 3 simple steps to help find a fantastic new executive!

Step 1.

The Walk & Talk

That's right, you  and I will Walk &  Talk to find out
the WHY, WHAT,  WHO and HOW  MUCH you are
looking for in this  key role for  your organization.

Step 2.

The Meet & Match

Our commitment to you and your company is to find you 5 great candidates, within 5 working days and it will cost you just 5X30 minutes of your time to select Mrs. or Mr. right for the job. On to Step 3.

Step 3.

The Goal!

It's a crucial step in the hiring process and one in which your future colleague, you and ITEP work as a team to make sure everyone is happy and your new employee is able to hit the ground running to help accelerate your company's growth!

What is our secret?

First of all, you will experience our extremely different approach to executive search. You will find no job ads, no screams for attention at LinkedIn, Monster or any other (social) media platform.  No algorithmic match-making software.  The only thing we truly care about is your heart-ware and old fashioned street smartness.  Paradoxically, we disrupt by being retro-fashioned and come to think of it, we probably  offer the most ecological way of recruiting throughout the planet!   We take all the time while walking and talking with you to come to grips with your challenges and to define the next employee you would like to hire.  And we will have great fun together in the process! 

"So how do you get to know me and why do you want to know me so well?"

Our Walk & Talk approach to recruitment forms the core of our services. Yes, you read it right. We strive to Walk and Talk with because while we are in action together we are able to better connect and come up with better ideas about your company and the person(s) you feel will make the difference in your organization.

"I also understand ITEP offers me Brick-and-Mortar, face-to-face connections via Meet & Matches. Meet & Matches? Tell me more?!"

The Meet & Matches is without a doubt the most effective and efficient way to connect you with top prospective executives.   Executives who are going to make a difference in accelerating your business.  

Meet & Matches are short  and highly effective presentation opportunities. All done with great confidentiality, one-to-one and at a mutually convenient location.

You and I may come to the conclusion that:

You are a believer that our approach to executive search can and will help you find the best talent in the market. Let's make IT happen for you!

You are still a bit skeptical and need to talk to some of our references if ITEP is really Walking the Talk! Please do…

You really don't believe that ITEP is able to find better people for your organization and would rather stick to your traditional channels for finding staff. 

You really enjoyed the Walk & Talk; the Walk & Talk provided me with new insights on how to search and select the right candidates and you may consider to use ITEP in the future.

Do you want to hire great people?